We Provide A Complete Cross-Media Marketing Solution
With Target Farming Reports, Postcards, Email Newsletters and Websites
All Designed To Make You The Recognized Local Real Estate Expert!

"I have been with AgentMailings for four and a half years and use it in addition to my overall marketing plan. I love to keep in touch with the homeowners in my farm areas and they appreciate receiving my reports. People who receive my AgentMailings ALWAYS tell me how much they enjoy receiving them!"

Marsha M. - Tonawanda, NY

"I received a call last week from a woman saying that she wanted to talk with me about listing her property. She told me about receiving my Reports and how she and her husband always stopped to read my letters. She told me that she receives tons of real estate advertisements and mailings and throws them all away … but not mine. Thanks AgentMailings -- you always help me make it happen."

Micki S. - Philadelphia, PA

"In the past 3 years, I have had 40 - 45 listings from AgentMailings. I received a listing right after my most recent mailing like I always do. I have never had a mailing go out without at least phone calls asking for more information. I'm ecstatic with AgentMailings."

Steve N. - Smyrna, TN

"It took a few months before I saw results from AgentMailings, but boy it was worth the wait! From the report a homeowner called to list his house. I had 4 offers in 5 days and sold the property. Within 30 days I received a check for about 3 times what I had invested in the program. I'm stickin' with this."

Libby O. - High Point, NC

"One of my recent success stories from working with AgentMailings is about the couple who just listed their home with me. I farm my own neighborhood and this couple received my last mailing and thought it was very professional. Even though there are 6 other agents in our neighborhood, I stood out as the area expert! They told me that my Report was the catalyst that caused them to pick up the phone and call me. It works!"

Victoria H. - Fort Myers, FL